private coaching

the 411 for our 1 on 1

who we are

Jen Jamula and Allison Goldberg are creative directors of GoldJam Creative, a company dedicated to exploring behavior and identity Digital Age. The duo pairs their background in performance with extensive research and on-the-ground experience to build creative recommendations, detailed curricula, and interactive learning experiences. 

As artists, Jen and Alli were featured on the cover of Time Out NY, which ranked them among “the top 10 funniest women in NYC,” and their projects have been recognized  by Good Morning America, NPR, Newsweek, VICE, and The Huffington Post. They’ve consulted for keynote speakers, created comedic content for brands including The Guardian and Time Out NY, and served as creative consultants to individuals and brands.

Drawing from these experiences, GoldJam uses interactivity, expertise, and humor to enhance communication and interpersonal skills in the workplace, and is dedicated to supporting and strengthening thoughtful, inclusive, and vibrant professionals. They’ve created and customized learning experiences for companies and individuals since 2014, and collaborate with their talented team of facilitators to deliver sessions around the world. Both Jen and Alli are graduates of Yale University.

what we cover

  • Developing physical and vocal warm-ups for speaking;
  • Exercising performance mindset, from anxiety reappraisals to process visualizations;
  • Crafting an alter ego to embody desired leadership qualities and encourage risk-taking;
  • Applying techniques around emotionally affecting    and influencing one’s listener;
  • Mastering tone and topic shifts within a speech;
  • Infusing rhetorical devices, narrative elements, and creative facilitation choices such as games to inspire connection and make for memorable moments;
  • Rehearsing assertiveness and difficult conversations;
  • Understanding and managing emotional responses;
  • Delegating effectively, from playing into co-workers’ strengths, to providing clear instructions, to giving actionable feedback.


  • length 1 hour sessions
  • sessions 3 or 5 per package
  • cadence 1 week apart
  • location Zoom, Skype; the comfort of your couch


some choice words from our clients
“I started working with Jen because I wanted to level up my presentation skills...I discovered that she can do so much more. Nowadays, she is my all-around leadership coach, helping me manage conflict, emotions, self-presentation and the list goes on.”
“I sounded knowledgeable, engaged, but more than anything, what struck me was how like myself I came across, not this overly-polished, uptight speaking version of myself. It felt like a breakthrough.”