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We create employee training programs using acting techniques and comedy principles to bring expert research and studies to life.

Our team gets participants on their feet (even remotely!) and practicing their new skills in-the-moment. Leaders, teammates, and mascots* walk away ready to take action. No matter the training topic, we give employees the tools to be more confident, creative, and communicative, all  while having fun.

*We don’t work with mascots.

coursework created just for you

Our trainings are customized to meet your needs and goals. Programming is tailored to your employees through recognizable scenarios and scripts, meaning they'll know how to directly apply their new skills. 

Unlike improv groups who focus on responding on-the-fly and inventing new scenarios, we explore language and situations that are already familiar to your company. How do you deliver approved content while keeping it fresh and memorable, for example? Or how do you relay feedback in a way that lands, and discuss tough topics such as stolen lunches without placing blame? We’re here for you.

(And yeah... we use a little improv, too.)

expertise tackling tough topics

Optimizing Remote Work

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented situation where entire workforces have gone remote overnight. We’ll guide your teams as they articulate boundaries, develop inclusive ways to lead brainstorms, ideate new culture and bonding activities, and practice methods for maintaining visibility. We offer a 60-minute, lecture-style version of this webinar to accommodate larger groups.

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Presentation Skills

Boost confidence, enhance vocal and physical delivery, overcome presentation pitfalls, and engage audiences.

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Unconscious Bias & Conscious Inclusion

Rewire biases and create strategies for increasing inclusion as a team.

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Women In Leadership

Advocate with confidence, handle micro-aggressions productively, and uplift fellow female colleagues.

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Male Allies

Promoting gender equality while learning how to support female and marginalized colleagues.

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Difficult Conversations

Hold colleagues accountable for poor actions, resolve issues, and ultimately strengthen relationships.

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Effective Communication

Take control of how messages are delivered, learn to listen actively, and gain tools for noticing when a conversation is going awry and setting it back on track.

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Emotional Intelligence

Develop skills for recognizing and managing emotions, and positively influence relationships of colleagues and clients.

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Deliver feedback in both honest and caring ways, and accept it without losing self-confidence or creating conflict.

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Deliver effective pitches by tapping into the listener's emotions, establishing trust, and clearly communicating a call-to-action.

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Creativity & Collaboration

Cultivate a creative mindset and connect as a group through fun, high-energy, team-bonding activities that boost creativity as well as internal communication.

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Curate an arsenal of authentic stories that can be used to engage audiences in the workplace.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention

Learn how to make others feel safe, better understand boundaries and consequences, and see the issues from multiple perspectives.

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Create Your Own

A fully customized workshop with specific exercises designed to meet your needs.

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private coaching

one-on-one sessions for professionals

sharpen your skills

Tell us your communication goals and we'll design a curriculum of hour-long coaching sessions based on your needs. Topics covered include honing presentations, preparing for interviews, telling coherent stories, rehearsing assertiveness and difficult conversations, losing nervous habits and more.

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public classes

workshops for everyone

come one, come all

Each year, we open select public classes and webinars to the public. So come one, come all! Learn the tips-and-tricks for communicating effectively. 

All workshops are interactive, on-your-feet, and have ample time for Q&A. Plus, they’re fun!

(Although we admit we're biased.)

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