Difficult Conversations

a one-page primer on what this is all about


Workplace conflict and tension are inevitable; when working closely with others, issues are bound to pop up. However, unresolved conflict can affect decision-making, productivity, and motivation. According to the authors of Crucial Conversations, conflict avoidance could be as costly as $1500 and a workday lost per employee avoiding a difficult conversation! Although confrontation and conflict typically carry a negative connotation, when handled correctly, difficult conversations at work can fix problems, build trust, and boost respect and understanding. In this experiential workshop, participants will gain the confidence and tools to have productive confrontations. They will learn how to hold colleagues accountable for poor actions, resolve issues, and ultimately strengthen relationships. And last but not least, facilitators keep this training fun, interactive, and on your feet despite the potentially intimidating topic!

what you will learn

the importance of having difficult conversations at work

steps and language that can be used for productive confrontations

when and how to use these skills to promote a culture of accountability, collaboration, trust, and continuous improvement

what you will practice

building empathy, and delving into what the other side’s perspective might be

approaching colleagues candidly, calmly, and inviting them to speak without jumping to conclusions

applying effective conversation strategies to strive for the productive dialogue

navigating high pressure or emotional scenarios by putting respect first and problem solving collaboratively

putting their new tools into action by role-playing with relatable, high stakes situations

fun fact

topical trivia you probably don’t know

Did you know...

“...53% of employees are handling "toxic" situations by ignoring them”?

Great strategy! What could go wrong there?