Male Allies

a one-page primer on what this is all about


For a span of years, Women in Leadership trainings were trendy. Here at GoldJam, we realized that, while we were happy to help women learn to navigate the double bind and overall gender bias, the movement for equality at work simply will not make progress without including men. Besides, why should the burden to achieve equal footing fall on the shoulders of women and minorities?

What’s more, research shows that 80% of men believe it’s important to fix gender issues... but only 10% of men realize it’s present in their workplace. We set out to help these well-intentioned men start examining gender bias more closely and learn allyship practices in a safe, stigma-free setting.

In this gender bias training, male employees join the conversation and learn how to be an ally to and advocate for their female colleagues. The objective of the Male Allies workshop is to strengthen men’s understanding of gender bias in the workplace, enhance their ability to make positive change, and provide a safe forum in which men can communicate openly about sensitive issues. Please note: This workshop is intended for male employees, but all are welcome.

what you will learn

the lack of women in leadership positions due to unequal advice and mentoring, the gender wage gap, and the 'gender double bind' which requires them to toe the line between being assertive and kind

societal expectations that differ between men and women, including of men to talk and women to listen, and of men to look out for themselves and women to help others

micro-aggressions, such as frequent interruptions and the expectation to do “office housework”

what you will practice

by first understanding challenges women in the workplace face and committing to actively supporting female colleagues

to hear female colleagues’ perspectives, combat interruptions, and identify situations in which they can offer support

to be more inclusive of women

for female colleagues’ competencies and touting their accomplishments, while not speaking for them

they can take to make their workplace an even better, more equal, and more inclusive place to work

fun fact

topical trivia you probably don’t know

Did you know...

...96% of organizations who involve men in the conversation about gender equality report progress? Only 30% report progress when they’re not involved.