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Critical feedback is not always easy to give, and can be even tougher to receive. In this experiential giving and receiving feedback training, participants will re-acquaint themselves with feedback, learning to see it as a positive, necessary force. They’ll learn how good intentions can backfire when managers are too nice and employees end up blindsided later, and conversely they’ll learn the dangers of being too direct. We’ll look at the major models for giving and receiving feedback - ones that show team members that you care while articulating impact on the company. And as with all GoldJam workshops, we keep our giving and receiving feedback training fun and interactive despite this typically uncomfortable topic. We’ll also challenge participants to do the same, and rewire their negative associations with feedback into positive ones.

what you will learn

the value of feedback, a growth mindset, and use of Radical Candor (caring personally and challenging directly)

how to craft feedback language that is actionable and encouraging

how to accept feedback without losing self-confidence or creating conflict

what you will practice

applying Radical Candor to feedback scenarios, accepting the positive intent to both care personally and challenge directly

overcoming discomfort and providing value even when one is nervous or hesitant

accepting feedback with a growth mindset and without causing conflict

giving feedback using facts and observations around situations, behaviors, and impact, to help colleagues understand how they can improve

role-playing common feedback scenarios that may happen at the office, in a low-pressure and non-threatening environment

fun fact

topical trivia you probably don’t know

Did you know...

...companies that regularly give feedback have higher levels of employee engagement, increased performance and productivity, and lower turnover rates?