Emotional Intelligence

a one-page primer on what this is all about


Surprisingly, studies consistently show that those with high EQ tend to outperform those with high IQ! So why is this skill so often overlooked? In this workshop, we'll look at how to break down and manage emotions so that they propel you and your team forward, rather than hold you back.

Studies show that 90% of top performers rank highly in emotional intelligence, that those who have the skill earn an average of $29K more per year than those who do not, and that 75% of managers are more likely to promote a highly emotionally intelligent employee. Fortunately, research also shows that while one’s IQ tends to remain steady, one can improve their EQ. In this interactive workshop, we’ll tackle how to learn emotional intelligence at work, allowing participants to have more control over their emotions and more positive influence over the emotions of colleagues and clients. Using empathy and strategies that keep mutual purpose at the forefront, they will experience the way EQ can strengthen relationships and enhance teamwork.

what you will learn

how our bodies and minds respond to perceived threats

how to manage their own emotions as well as positively influence the emotions of those around them in a positive way

methods for examining assumptions and applying empathy

what you will practice

combating an amygdala hijack, which is an immediate overwhelming emotional response disproportionate to the trigger

recognizing, “negotiating with”, and expressing one’s own emotions, which research shows makes overwhelming feelings less powerful, putting the individual back in control

reading others’ emotions through tone, facial expressions, and body language

employing empathy, by dropping assumptions, putting oneself in another’s shoes, and active listening

putting emotional intelligence into action during a final exercise that looks at how difficult situations can be made better with this essential skill

fun fact

topical trivia you probably don’t know

Did you know...

...“emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance”?