Presentation Skills

a one-page primer on what this is all about


This is the workshop that started it all!

In this interactive, on-your-feet training, we teach you how to bring dry text to life and practice intentional changes in delivery to affect how the listener receives the message. Even better, we give you a tried-and-true trick to guide your delivery, so that you’ll never have to overthink it again.

what you will learn

how to embrace their fears and turn anxiety into positive energy

how to boost confidence, creative thinking, and the ability to “read the room”

how to present with engaging delivery, creativity, and rhetorical devices

what you will practice

portraying confidence and addressing nerves through body language and vocal habits

speaking with intention, using "active verbs" to give any text an arc and elicit specific emotions from the audience

honing delivery by channeling charismatic qualities when speaking and by avoiding presentation pitfalls

engaging an audience by reeling them in with rhetorical devices and creativity

presenting using their new skills to speak individually in front of the group

fun fact

topical trivia you probably don’t know

Did you know...

...Americans’ biggest fears are public speaking, heights, and bugs?

We can help you with at least one of those. (Maybe two.)