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Most of us know a fantastic story when we see one, but unfortunately storytelling in the workplace usually can’t involve Harry Potter and a Sorcerer’s Stone. How do we use this incredible tool for forging connections in business contexts? In this workshop, participants will learn how to find relatable characters that they can use across media, in both linear and nonlinear ways, in order to forge connections with their audience. They’ll also practice using descriptive imagery and how to attach existing stories with cultural relevance to maximize impact for your brand. In this interactive training geared towards storytelling in the workplace, participants will learn the fundamentals of storytelling and how to use them effectively in pitches and presentations, as well as in more casual interactions with clients and colleagues. Participants will each have the opportunity to craft and present their own story during the final activity. Join us for some unconventional storytime.

what you will learn

the key elements and structure of stories

how to cultivate impactful ways of speaking with presence and engaging an audience

how to craft narratives and utilize stories with both internal and external audience

what you will practice

finding or inventing relatable characters, as well as humanizing products or services

understanding how their character behaves across presentations, print, video, and so on

building a coherent story that the audience will care about using storytelling structure, imagery, and elements strategically

crafting stories around compelling takeaways, focusing on the call-to-action and desired emotional impact

presenting one of those stories to the rest of the group, followed by on-the-spot feedback from instructors

fun fact

topical trivia you probably don’t know

Did you know...

...this is your brain on stories?